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UNODC/WHO host second regional meeting on community management of opioid overdose in Almaty, Kazakhstan

September 2017 - Find out more about the UNODC/WHO Meeting in Almaty, Kazakhstan, held shortly after the International Overdose Awareness Day, to review and discuss the draft S-O-S Multi-site Study and Implementation Protocol on community management of opioid overdose. During the event, UNODC and WHO presented the S-O-S Initiative (to Stop Overdose Safely), which was launched at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) 2017. United Nations Member States and other stakeholders are encouraged to work towards universal coverage of opioid overdose management strategies including naloxone.


UNODC/WHO Meeting on Treatment and care of People with Drug Use Disorders in Contact with the Criminal Justice System: Alternatives to Conviction or Punishment

October 2016 - Find out more about the UNODC/WHO Meeting of Experts on "Treatment and Care for People with Drug Use Disorders in Contact with the Criminal Justice System: Alternatives to Conviction and Punishment" from 4 to 6 October 2016, bringing together more than 60 health and justice practitioners from 30 countries, as well as civil society and international organizations (AU, EMCDDA, CICAD/OAS) to share experiences and national practices.


Global programme on access to controlled drugs for medical purposes

August 2016 - Find out more about the initiatives and the resources of our global programme on promoting access to controlled drugs for medical purposes, whilst preventing diversion and abuse. UNODC is implementing this programme jointly with WHO and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). 


Children. Our future, our responsibility.

August 2016 - Since 2010, UNODC has been developing resources and services for vulnerable children and adolescents exposed to drug use at a very young age. Information on the activities of the programme and its resources are now available online.  Read more!


Materials from the Scientific Consultation in December 2015 now online!

June 2016 - In December 2015, the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section of UNODC organized an event that was a unique by its scale and scope, the Scientific Consultation on Prevention of Drug Use and Treatment of Drug Use Disorders. Thirty (30) leading researchers from around the world presented the state-of-the-art science in front of over two hundred (200) policy makers from eighty five (85) countries and discussed the latest findings in drug prevention and drug dependence treatment. The Book of Abstracts of the Consultation is now available online, as well as the videos from the presentations.  Read more!


New toolkits to use the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards

September 2015 - As Associated Partner, UNODC is proud to announce that the new set of toolkits to use the European Drug Prevention Quality Standards is available! The toolkits help readers to use the Standards in various practical ways, for example to review and develop the quality of one's own drug prevention activities or to design funding mechanisms that promote quality in drug prevention.  Read more on their website!!!


World Drug Report 2015 highlights evidence-based drug prevention and treatment

June 2015 - The World Drug Report 2015 includes two chapters devoted to evidence-based drug prevention and treatment. The first summarizes and expands on the International Standards on Drug Use Prevention, whilst the latter discusses the nature of drug use disorders and its implications for the delivery and evaluation of evidence-based treatment, care and rehabilitation services. Read the World Drug Report!


New tool for finding resources to help young people lead healthy lives and avoid substance abuse  

May 2015 - Mentor International's new  International Resource Finder is for anyone working with young people to easily and quickly find materials to help them in their work. This interactive tool features more than 100 evidence-informed resources from a variety of leading organisations across the world committed to drug prevention. We hope that this tool will help parents, families, teachers, practitioners, community leaders and policy makers globally to find relevant materials to support their work with young people and ultimately empower young people to lead happy and healthy lives and avoid  drug abuse.


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Past news and events

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Drug use prevention, treatment and care initiatives

UNODC supports Member States in addressing drug use and drug addiction as any other health disorder: i.e. by implementing drug use prevention interventions and providing drug dependence treatment and care services, which are based on scientific evidence and on ethical standards, including for children and adolescents. Another area of work is ensuring access to controlled drugs for medical purposes, whilst preventing diversion and abuse. Click on the links below to know more about UNODC activities and resources in:

Drug use prevention

Drug dependence treatment and care

Services for children exposed to drugs at a very young age

Access to controlled drugs for medical purposes

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While the tools to monitor the control measures of the international drug convention are important, as important is the monitoring of the impediments to availability of opioid analgesics.

These impediments leading to underuse of controlled medicine to be monitored have been elaborately described in the UNODC conference room paper presented during the 54 th session of CND [1] . Based on these indicators, and in consultation with INCB, UNODC has drafted a questionnaire that might present a more elaborate and detailed assessment of these impediments. The CND might wish to consider the work done on the matter and provide its guidance on actions UNODC need to undertake in the future. The draft questionnaire below is a proposed way to enhance reporting on impediments to access to pain medications. Accordingly, Member States are invited to review this questionnaire and provide their feedback in this regard.

[1] Conference Room Paper "Ensuring availability of controlled medications for the relief of pain and preventing diversion and abuse" based on a scientific workshop, January 18-19, 2011. UNODC, Vienna