Second Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium

20-22 November 2019, Moscow, Russian Federation

UNODC in partnership with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) organized two back to back events: the 2 nd Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium and a Round Table for lecturers and students based on the University Modules on Anti-Corruption and Integrity and Ethics launched by the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative.

The events aimed to enhance the capacity of experts and academics to deliver high-quality anti-corruption, integrity and ethics education in their respective institutions and to foster exchanges and collaboration between participants.

The Round Table, which took place on 20 November, brought together more than 70 lecturers and students from different countries and disciplines to exchange views about the E4J Modules and the most effective approaches for teaching them. The participants engaged in productive discussions on how to adapt and integrate the Modules within existing courses and disciplinary contexts, promote their usage, foster ethical learning environments, and generally enhance anti-corruption, integrity and ethics education at universities around the world through innovative and interactive teaching methods.

The 2 nd Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium, held under the auspices of the Anti-Corruption Academic (ACAD) initiative, took place on 21 and 22 November. The Symposium provided a forum for more than 140 participants to discuss key issues in the area of anti-corruption education and research. Over two days, academics and experts from around the world delivered presentations on various corruption-related topics, including international and national anti-corruption norms and regulations, private sector corruption, corruption in sports and the role of academia in the fight against corruption. The Symposium concluded with the adoption of an outcome document with recommendations from the academia, which was presented during a special event at the 8th Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

The Symposium was the fourth in a series of academic anti-corruption events sponsored by the Russian Federation, which include the 1st ACAD Symposium at MGIMO (October 2015), the ACAD Workshop at MGIMO (October 2017) and the Anti-Corruption Academic Seminar in Baku State University (October 2018).

UNODC and the Russian Federation are committed to continue their cooperation in the area of anti-corruption education with the aim of strengthening UNODC's anti-corruption academic network and providing more opportunities for academics and experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and good practices on how to support States in implementing the United Nation Convention against Corruption.

A video of the Symposium and a Round Table is available here:


The draft outcome document of the Symposium is available here.