Spaces for discussion: Youth fora as a key to peer-to-peer mobilisation

UNODC’s Education for Justice initiative develops and disseminates educational tools and materials on ethics and integrity, as well as rule of law issues for children and youth. In addition, the E4J initiative works with partners around the world to harness the power of education to inspire youth to be meaningfully engaged in promoting the rule of law with a sound ethical compass.

E4J believes in the importance of mobilizing children and youth by identifying those who are passionate towards positive change in their communities and engaging with them. The initiative creates avenues for dialogue and the exchange of ideas on how to engage children and youth in processes related to education on ethics and integrity, as well as the rule of law. E4J’s expertise, innovative tools and materials support the empowerment of children and youth to act as champions of the rule of law and to think globally and act locally.

Spaces for discussion

When it comes to promoting the rule of law, it is crucial to create spaces for discussion and exchanges of experience on how young people can contribute. For this reason, events such as youth fora play a key role in peer-to-peer mobilization.

14th UN Crime Congress Youth Forum

The E4J initiative supported the Government of Japan in organizing and convening the 14th UN Crime Congress Youth Forum. Find out more

Asia and the Pacific

With the support of the Government of Japan, E4J is working with partners in Southeast Asia to implement a series of sub regional and national events to inspire youth to promote ethical behaviour and the rule of law. Find out more