Second Expert Working Group on improving drug statistics and strengthening the Annual Report Questionnaire (ARQ)

Pursuant to Resolution 60/1 of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and to the Ministerial Declaration on strengthening our actions at the national, regional and international levels to accelerate the implementation of our joint commitments to address and counter the world drug problem ( E/CN.7/2019/L.11), UNODC is organizing a Second Expert Working Group on improving drug statistics and strengthening the Annual Report Questionnaire (ARQ).

This meeting follows up on the recommendations of the Expert Working Group held in Vienna on 29-31 January 2018, and the subsequent global consultation on the improvement of the ARQ instrument (2-18 August 2019). Its main focus is to reach feasible outputs aimed at strengthening and improving the ARQ as a data collection instrument while at the same time establishing a set of priorities to increase the quality and quantity of drug data available at the national, regional and global levels.

Date: 28-30 August 2019 

Venue: Vienna (Austria) 


The objectives of the Meeting are:

1. Discuss capacity development activities to improve countries' capacity to collect and report data on drugs 
2. Review content and structure of the draft ARQ template as revised by UNODC on the basis of recommendations from the Expert Working Group held in Vienna in January 2018

Agenda and Report

  Agenda of the meeting 

  Report of the Second Expert Working Group on Improving Drug Statistics and Strengthening of the Annual Report Questionnaire (ARQ)

The Pilot exercise




A01: Prevalence and extent of drug use 
A02: People who inject drugs (PWID)
A03: People with drug use disorders
A04: Drug-related mortality
A05: Drug-related Treatment
A06: Seizures and trafficking
A07: Clandestine laboratories
A08: Cultivation and eradication of illicit crops
A09: Price and purity of drugs
A10: Drug-related criminal justice process
A11: Legislative and institutional framework
L1 - List of drug classes and types for Prevalence
L2 - List of drug classes and types for Supply
L3 - List of NPS


R01: Prisons
R02: Drug-related acute intoxication
R03: Core treatment services
R04: Registered drug users
R05: Prevention of drug use
R06: Prevention of infectious diseases
R07: Sales of drugs using the internet and related technologies
R08: Links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crimes
R09: Supply reduction activities and international cooperation
R10: Alternative development
R11: Alternatives to conviction or punishment
R12: New psychoactive substances identified
R13: Illicit Financial flows and money laundering
R14: National framework
R15: Innovative methods for data collection
R16: Access to medications

Background documents

Information on the structure of ARQ modules
Feedback from the global consultation on the ARQ draft

Background Paper I: Capacity Building Priorities

Reports from the 2018 Expert Working Group

Technical report
Outcome report

Presentations from Side Events

ARQ process
Capacity building priorities
Drug use surveys
IFF- Framework and methodology
Presentation - Drugs Monitoring Platform (DMP)

Reference Documents

2016 UNGASS document
2009 Plan of Action
Political declaration on HIV/AIDS by the General Assembly
European drug prevention quality standards
Policy brief on HIV prevention, treatment and care in prisons
International classification of crime for statistical purposes (ICCS)
UNODC-WHO International standards for the treatment of drug use disorders
OHCHR Report on the implementation of the joint commitment to effectively addressing and countering the world drug problem with regard to human rights
UNAIDS terminology guidelines
UNODC-WHO International standards on drug use prevention
WHO-UNODC-UNAIDs Technical guide for countries to set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care for injecting drug users
WHO-UNODC Substance use disorder treatment facility survey

Other related documents can also be found here:

United Nations Drug Conventions - 1961, 1971, 1988
Commission on Narcotic Drugs resolution 60/1
2019 Ministerial Declaration