Research and Analysis

Member States are requested to designate focal points who acts as the primary technical point of contact with UNODC regarding the compilation of the IAFQ to ensure, as far as possible, a timely, accurate and complete response. The data collected through these focal points builds the basis for a comprehensive global dataset on seized and trafficked firearms, their parts and components and ammunition, which UNODC further complements through other official Member State data. UNODC encourages all interested stakeholders to use this dataset, which for the 2018 data collection cycle was made public on the UNODC website (Illicit Arms Flow Data), for research and analytical purposes.

UNODC exploits and supports use of the data stemming from its Monitoring Illicit Arms Flows initiative and other sources to enhance the understanding of the international community as regards illicit firearms trafficking flows, trends and patterns and their links to other forms of crime. For Member States wishing to share good practices in the fight against illicit firearms trafficking and related forms of crime, the Global Firearms Programme further launched the Champion Country initiative, through which countries can become active in publishing analytical reports and supporting the exchange and replication of good practices.

 Global Study on Firearms Trafficking 2020

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 Regional Analysis Report and Methodological and Statistical Annex

Information document on the role of focal points appointed for the IAFQ 

  Fact Sheet on the Firearms Champion Country Initiative 


News and Events:

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