UNODC delivers first mobile eLearning unit in Africa to tackle illicit drugs 

A group of Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency trainers receiving a specialized course under the UNODC Global eLearning Programme. Photo: UNODC21 December 2015 - UNODC's Global eLearning Programme is a knowledge platform available to law enforcement officials across the world. The Programme's courses address current security threats such as transnational organized crime, illicit drugs, human trafficking, and migrant smuggling, as well as border and container control, forensics, and human rights, among other subjects.

The Programme has been designed to reach public officials operating in areas with little or no internet connection. Trainings are offered through a mobile training unit - a vehicle equipped with an electric generator - and a local eLearning server with laptops connected to it.

As part of this effort, UNODC's Regional Office for West and Central Africa, in collaboration with the Global eLearning Programme, delivered the first mobile eLearning unit in Africa earlier this month to the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA). The handover ceremony was attended by the LDEA Director General, Antony Souh, together with staff from the UN Police (UNPOL) and United States Embassy representatives.

Mr. Souh recognized the added value of having this flexible and engaging learning tool that will support efforts of LDEA staff in countering transnational drug trafficking. Following the delivery of the eLearning Unit, a first group of 18 LDEA trainers received a specialized course that will enable the continued roll-out of training to subsequent groups of users. The mobile unit was delivered jointly with 10 working stations which will allow access to courses developed by UNODC on tackling illicit drugs.

The equipment and the learning modules aim to enhance knowledge and technical skills in the West African country, in order to tackle organized crime and drug trafficking. Together with international partners, UNODC plans to continue the implementation of similar experiences with an expanded user base in Africa, both online and offline.

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