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14 December 2020 - Bolivia

Webinar on anti-corruption in public procurement

Given that serious and sophisticated crime is frequently committed by companies and corporations through or under the cover of legal entities, UNCAC requires States to establish measures to allow for corporate liability for participation in corruption offences. This forum will explore the international standards to regulate the liability of legal persons and the different regimes of Latin American countries.
Propuesta Conversatorio (PDF); Programación Conversatorio Compliance (PDF)

11 December 2020 - Bolivia (online)

Workshop on Challenges and Experiences in Preventing and Fighting Corruption

The event aimed at discussing national systems of integrity, including UNODC methodology to develop and implement anti-corruption strategies. South-South cooperation was fostered through a presentation by the Secretariat of Transparency of Colombia. 


9 December 2020 - OLACEFS (online)

Regional Workshop on Mutual Assistance to Fight Corruption

The event was organized by the Working Group on Transnational Corruption of the Organization of Latin America and the Caribbean of Supreme Audit Institutions. UNODC delivered a session on international cooperation in administrative matters. 


26 and 27 November 2020 - Peru

Regional online workshop on legal entities liability and the adequacy of corporate compliance systems in the light of COVID-19 in South America and Mexico

Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Perú, Paraguay, Uruguay

The workshop will focus of the thematic area II of the Regional Platform: the liability of legal entities with emphasis on the adequacy of corporate compliance systems. The objective of the workshop is to set the ground for the development of a comparative study on the liability regimes adopted by the countries of the Regional Platform and the compliance systems thus established, including challenges, experiences and good practices.


11-12 November 2020 - Ecuador (online)

Regional Workshop on the Liability of Legal Persons and the Adequacy of Corporate Compliance Systems

UNODC conducted a session at the  “Summit of Transparency: the Importance of Compliance and the Fight against Corruption”, providing an overview of the different regimes adopted by the countries of South America and Mexico and the key role of the private sector in the fight against corruption. 

4 November 2020 - Paraguay (online)

Capacity Building for the Development and Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy 2021-2025 of Paraguay

Based on UNODC methodology for the design and implementation of strategies to fight corruption, the workshop was delivered as part of in-country capacity building addressed to the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat (SENAC) of Paraguay. 

30 October 2020 - Uruguay

Workshop on the Prevention of Corruption in the Private Sector
The workshop was organized jointly by the Board of Transparency and Public Ethics (JUTEP) of Uruguay and UNODC. The workshop specifically focuses on thematic area II of the Regional Platform: the responsibility of legal entities with an emphasis on the adaptation of corporate compliance systems. ... more

5-9 October 2020 - Regional (online)

Virtual FINCRIME Week: The ABC of Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance

UNODC provided an overview of the international standards to regulate the liability of legal persons, the different regimes adopted in the region and the international anti-corruption programmes of ethics and compliance for business.


1 October 2020 - Ecuador (online)

Fraud and Corruption in Times of Crisis

UNODC joined forces with the World Bank and the Attorney General Office to deliver the Virtual Seminar. UNODC described the best practices to prevent and mitigate corruption risks in emergency situations, such as COVID-19 pandemic.


30 September 2020 - Paraguay (online)

A Second Encounter with the Private Sector: Building a Culture of Transparency, Integrity and Lawfulness between all Sectors

The objective of the virtual forum, organized by UNODC and the Global Compact Paraguay, was to train participants on how to design and implement anti-corruption programmes of ethics and compliance for business.

28-30 September 2020 - Chile (online)

Workshop on Good International Practices to Fight Corruption from the Perspective of Supreme Audit Institutions

The objective of the event was to present national systems of integrity and the role of supreme audit institutions towards the design and implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy of the Comptroller Office in Chile.

15 September 2020 - Colombia (online)

Workshop on Whistleblower Protection

The event focused on international standards and good practices to protect whistleblowers.


7 and 12 August 2020 - Ecuador (online)

Webinars on Ethics and Integrity to Combat Corruption in the Context of COVID-19
Two webinars on “Ethics and Integrity to Combat Corruption in the context of COVID-19” were delivered by UNODC for agents of the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) of the Municipality of Quito.


29 September 2020 – online

Who is Hiding Corrupt Money?
Promoting Transparency of Beneficial Ownership in Southeast Asia
The latest in UNODC’s series of webinars on aspects of the implementation of the UNCAC in Southeast Asia, this upcoming session will bring experts and practitioners from across the region and elsewhere to discuss steps to enhance transparency of beneficial ownership.

25 November 2020 - 14:00 to 17:20h (Thailand time) Southeast Asia/virtual

Digitalization Against Corruption: Webinar on the Role of Data Analytics in Preventing Corruption & Fraud in Southeast Asia

What role can emerging technologies play in the fight against corruption and fraud? … more


14 and 15 December 2020 - South Africa

Roundtable on Whistleblower Protection


08 December 2020 – South Africa 

Webinar on anti-corruption in public procurement

The Workshop aims to share best practices and resources to advance public procurement reform through open contracting and beneficial ownership. Activities and collaboration between stakeholders to improve transparency and accountability of supply chain management in South Africa will be discussed. 

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03 December 2020 – South Africa 

National workshop on asset declaration


12-15 October 2020 - Neelkanth Sarovar Hotel, Lusaka and online

Regional workshops for Zambia on interagency coordination and whistleblower protection.
By disclosing misdeeds whistleblower trigger successful corruption investigations, help save lives and public funds. The workshop on whistleblower protection concluded with agreeing on a way forward for Zambia to strengthen their whistleblower protection system and on the support UNODC can provide to this end.
Interagency coordination aims at increasing the cooperation among law enforcement agencies in charge of conducting investigations of corruption. The workshop aimed at agreeing on the way forward to establish a regular interagency coordination taskforce in #Zambia to strengthen financial investigations to identify, disrupt & dismantle corrupt networks.