76th UN General Assembly

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The UNODC Global Programme to End Violence Against Children was launched in 2015 with the objective to provide support to Member States in preventing and responding to violence against children in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. UNODC is best placed to provide this specialist legal and technical guidance, having over thirty years of experience in the area of child rights and has the specific mandate to support Member States in ensuring that children are better served and protected by justice systems and in protecting them from crime and violence.

Newsletter September 2021

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Information: UNODC END-VAC Brochure


PNI Workshop @CCPCJ to examine criminal justice responses to online violence against children... read more

Training on Strengthening the capacity of professionals in Indonesia... read more

UNODC END-VAC participated to the 1st Preparatory Meeting of the Global Initiative on Justice With Children... read more

National workshop on 'Facilitating access to justice for victims in the context of the National Human Rights' Strategy'... read more

Launch of the UNODC Roadmap in Mozambique... read more

@CCPCJ Thematic Discussions 2021 on the Kyoto Declaration... read more

UNODC is part of the 'Global Framework on United Nations Support on Syria / Iraq Third Country National Returnees'... read more

UN GA High-level Event on VAC co-organised by UNODC... read more

STRIVE Juvenile Iraq to combat terrorist and extremism recruitment of children... read more



Violence against children is a widespread phenomenon affecting millions of children all over the world. Whether it takes place within the family, schools, alternative care and justice institutions, the community or even within workplace environments (both those workplaces mandated under law and those which exist illegally and breach child labour and exploitation laws), it is often implicitly socially condoned and goes without legal sanctions... read more

UNODC has been implementing its Global Programme to End Violence Against Children which supports Member States in preventing and responding to serious forms of violence against children. UNODC is cognisant that violence against children engages the field of child development. The cornerstone of the UNODC Programme is focused on the need for integrated approaches for addressing forms of violence against children... read more

As defined in international legal instruments, children have the right to be protected from being hurt and mistreated, physically or mentally. International law directs States to ensure that children are properly cared for and to protect them from violence, abuse and neglect. Should they be victims of violence, States shall take all appropriate measures to promote physical, psychological recovery and social reintegration... read more

UNODC has developed effective tools for policy makers and professionals in the area of violence against children. These tools have been used in the delivery of technical assistance programmes. The publications and resources of UNODC filed under the thematic focus areas of Crime and Violence Prevention; Child Victims and Witnesses of Crime; Juvenile Justice; and Children Associated with Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups... read more

In recognition of the need for close inter-agency cooperation, especially to ensure the avoidance of overlapping mandates and duplication of efforts, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Global Programme to End Violence Against Children works with a number of key partners both United Nations entities and representatives of regional and other international organizations and networks... read more