Youth Initiative

Alumni Sessions

Youth participants of 2022 are also welcomed by youth participants from previous fora, Youth Alumni, who graciously provided their past experiences and moved the crowd with their compelling speeches during the Alumni Session.

Joanitah Lunkuse

Youth Forum 2018 participant from Uganda


"The core part of the forum is about collaborations, serving, helping, and bringing positive change to those that we represent- It is actually about being the change that we desire to see and driving that change ourselves."

Merve Yetistirici

Youth Forum 2019 Participant from Turkey


"In today's world, policymakers regularly take actions on behalf of us, to us, and for us. However, at this time, we are given a central chance to raise our voices and have a right to be acknowledged."

Divaghar Voothayakumar

Youth Forum 2020 participant from Malaysia


"I know it's tough work at the end of the day, but it was valuable to see the smile on the faces of the youth that we are helping out together. It reminds us that we are all together... The future of your country and our world depends first and foremost on us."

Alexandra Bravo Schroth

Youth Forum 2020 participant from Peru


"We're not alone, and every action we take impacts millions. So for me, the Youth Initiative means the support, empowerment, knowledge, and most importantly hope and optimism that we can have a significant impact around the world."

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