Youth Initiative

Meet the 2022 participants!

For this year’s Youth Forum over 70 Youth leaders from more than 40 different countries confirmed their attendance! Our youth participants are very active in building their community. They are introducing themselves, and getting to know each other better. In particular, they are also sharing why they want to take part in the Youth Forum, and why this is meaningful to them.

Alani Meltel

“Coming from a small island in Micronesia, being part of the Youth Forum this year is a true privilege. I’m here to learn, discuss and understand how different people deal with drug abuse, and how we can all work together to prevent it.”

Alani Meltel, Youth Forum 2022 participant, Palau

Sarisha Kushmandi Senanayake

“I am taking part in the UNODC youth Forum ’22 to further knowledge on the cause, learn from others’ experiences whilst sharing mine, and to help make a difference in substance abuse prevention.”

Sarisha Kushmandi Senanayake, Youth Forum 2022 participant, Sri Lanka

Felix Granser

“I am participating in the UNODC Youth Forum 2022 because I want to exchange ideas about drug abuse prevention.”

Felix Granser, Youth Forum 2022 participant, SMOM/Austria

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