Youth Initiative Magazine 2021

One Step at a Time

Written by Nur Aishah Jasmine Mohd Nasir, 1st December 2021
Illustration by Nur Aishah Jasmine Mohd Nasir

Welcome to the second edition of the Butterfly Wings, where UNODC youths from all around the globe join together in an effort to amplify their voices while writing to their hearts’ content on preventative matters.

In the first edition, I highlighted the power of a butterfly’s flutter and encouraged everyone to join us in fluttering our magnificent wings to create a tornado of change. In this edition, I’d like to share with you the makings of a beautiful butterfly.

Our wings flutter once more to bring your attention to the important subject at hand. Let us take a step towards awareness together as we remind you to care for your own well-being as well as the well-being of the members of society, particularly the youth and the elderly. Let us take a step forward in advocacy and shed light on the critical elements that require immediate attention such as laying the foundations for a community-wide safe environment. Most essentially, let us take action on the issues that necessitates instantaneous measures such as implementing effective prevention policies and strategies.

We’ve all heard the phrase “one step at a time,” but we’ve never really pondered about it. Linda Sue Park initially invented this quote, which she included in her book ‘A Long Walk to Water.’ The crucial takeaway lesson she wanted her readers to remember is that success is a modest step done right now, not a large step to be taken in the future. We are in dire need of a safe environment now; this is a strategy that must be implemented not just for future generations, but also for the present generation.

With that, I conclude by encouraging every one of us to take an immediate first step toward building a safe environment for the community to thrive in. Ultimately, to jump over centuries in one step is impossible, but to improve over centuries in one step is possible.

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