Youth Initiative Magazine 2021

Butterfly Wings

A Youth Initiative Magazine, December 2021

One Step at a Time

Written by Nur Aishah Jasmine Mohd Nasir

Step into Awareness

Mental Health Matters

Written by Carmen Valeria Hernández Aguirre

It Looks Cool On The Screen

Diego Bustamante Paz

The Future of Tomorrow, The Voice of Now!

Written by Divaghar Voothayakumar

Step into Advocacy

Micro-level prevention

Written by Rodaina AboElenin

Safe Youngsters, Save Youngsters!

Written by Nur Aishah Jasmine Mohd Nasir

Listen Again

Written by Alexandra Bravo Schroth

Step into Action

Prevention with Children living & working on the Streets

Written by Karthika Pillai

Empowering the Communities: A strategy for prevention

Written by Karthika Pillai

Game for Thought

Crossword Puzzle

Written by Karthika Pillai

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