Adyl's Story: Youth Crime Prevention through Sports 

Chuy Region, Kyrgyzstan – After graduating from Voenno Antonovka Children’s Orphanage in 2018 at the age of 16, Adyl struggled to start an independent life. Factors such as low income, difficulty finding well-paying jobs and demands from school made it hard to succeed... Read More




Empowering Women and Young Leaders to End Drug Abuse 

Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia: Keyla Pedraza, like hundreds of other adolescents and women in Colombia, is facing different challenges in her community, such as:  risks from gangs, consumption of psychoactive substances and limited access to education. Colombia is currently going through a post-conflict phase.... Read More 


          Greenhouse Training and Alternative Development in Afghanistan

Helmand Province, Afghanistan: ...Ajab Gul is 35 years old and the only earner for a family of 10. He has 2 jeribs (approximately 1 acre) of land in Karez district, located on the outskirts of Lashkargah, the provincial capital of Helmand Province. With the help of Mercy Corps' Action with Alternative Livelihood (AWAL) Program and based on a cost sharing agreement which included a 30% cash contribution by Mr. Gul, he was able to establish a 400 m 2 greenhouse... Read More 



A Step Towards Gender Equality in Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia: Growing up, Nadifo Mohamed Ahmed has always aspired to become a police officer. Although the Somali police force is generally a male dominated environment, it did not deter her from pursuing her longstanding dream. In early 2017, she was successful in joining the Maritime Police Unit (MPU)... Read More



Preventing Drug Use among Refugee Families

Beqaa, Lebanon: Ruba, mother to 11-year old Malath, is a Syrian refugee living in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. After witnessing her father's death during the conflict, Malath became withdrawn, angry and quiet. Ruba started to feel guilty and developed a lack of confidence in her ability to care for Malath. Sensing this situation, Malath's teachers advised the two to take part in a UNODC sponsored school- based evidence- based trauma recovery programme for families. Teaching Recovery Techniques + Parenting, is a five-week programme in which children are made to engage in trauma recovery and resilience training.. Read More



Communities and Local Authorities in Senegal Work Together to End Child Begging

Dakar, Senegal: Forced child begging is one of the main forms of trafficking in Senegal. Thousands of children, commonly known as "talibés", are forced to beg across the country as part of their studies in koranic schools ("daaras"). Many children are trafficked to Senegal from neighbouring countries. A 2018 study conducted by the NGO Global Solidarity Initiative revealed that there are currently about 183,835 talibé children in the Dakar region, including 27,943 children involved in forced begging... Read more