Violent extremism that leads to terrorism poses a serious threat to international peace and security. Transitioning into violent extremism is often a journey marked by marginalization, lack of opportunities and grievances with the state. Terrorist groups exploit and recruit the more socio-economically vulnerable. We work with your Member States to support them with responses to prevent crime, including violent extremist leading to terrorism.


Within UNODC’s mandate on crime prevention, UNODC supports Member States to prevent violent extremism that is conducive to terrorism.


We work to provide effective support to Member States with preventing violent extremism leading to terrorism. Following years of preparations, Member States, with the technical support of UNODC have developed SAN-PVE, a regional network of practitioners working on prevention of violent extremism in South Asia.

As Mr. Ahmed Irash Senior Policy Director at the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment of the Maldives said, that “Now we see, [that] with the formation of a regional network, more and more organizations are coming together, working together in this important area.”


We support Member States in South Asia with the development and implementation of the regional PVE Network for South Asia (SAN-PVE).

The network serves as a repository of knowledge and facilitates professional connections between practitioners and Member States. A dedicated website serves as an online platform for SAN-PVE members as a repository of knowledge, offers online and offline learning tools and facilitates connections between practitioners.


Our work on preventing violent extremism has been funded by Germany and Japan.