According to paragraph 47 of the Procedures and rules of the Review Mechanism, the Secretariat of the Conference of the Parties to UNODC  shall be the Secretariat of the Review Mechanism. Moreover, the Procedures and rules attributed to the Secretariat a supporting/facilitating role during the review process.

The Review Mechanism holds a mixture funding model of existing regular budget and voluntary contributions. To ensure the effective operation of the Mechanism, and manage the contributions and activities funded with  them, UNODC established in 2019 the Global Programme to Support the Mechanism for the Review of the Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocols thereto. The Programme supports the effective operation of the Mechanism and  provides assistance upon request to States parties in their participation in the review process, including through the Secretariat’s supporting role as envisaged in  the Procedures and rules.

The Programme provides and coordinates all assistance of the Secretariat to State parties in their participation in the review process.

During the preparatory phase of the review process (October 2018- October 2020), the Secretariat supported the development of the new secure module of SHERLOC (REVMOD), the online platform that will be used to host the most part of the country review process. In addition, the Secretariat assisted Member States in the process of formal and informal intergovernmental consultations related to the preparation of the review mechanism.

During the substantive review process  (October 2020 – October 2030), the Secretariat will provide assistance , subject to the availability of voluntary contributions,  to States parties in the country reviews and general review, including assisting States parties in the use of REVMOD, filling in the questionnaires, facilitating the consultations among States parties, providing support in the preparation for the written outputs of the review process, servicing the intergovernmental meetings containing the element of the review, etc. The Secretariat will also support the participation of relevant stakeholders, including NGOs, to the review process through the production of, inter alia, training materials.