Youth Initiative

Starting off on our journey of learning

We are slowly introducing youth to substance use prevention through light-weight reading materials, and they seem very interested already! Youths are asking questions, and commenting on new points they didn’t know before. Way to go team!

Flyer 1

Introduction of Substance Use Worldwide

Flyer 2

Epidemiology of Substance Use

Flyer 3

Vulnerability to Substance Use

Flyer 4

Environmental Influences

Flyer 5

Prevention Standards

Flyer 6

Evidence-based Prevention Strategies

Yesui Bayarsaikhan, Mongolia
"From everything that I've read, I feel that prevention intervention should start as early as possible because if we inspire positive attitudes and a good response early on, that will provide lasting change for the future. I believe in my country, from age 11 onward, kids are more cognizant and it would be most useful from that point on."
Emin Özdemir, Turkey

"Healthier socialization would increase the likeness of satisfaction with life along with a decrease in the possibility of severe emotional instability and depression. Strong social bonds would increase social stability and security and thus contribute to a positive emotional state in general thus decreasing isolation, loss of meaning, and dissatisfaction that fuel the substance use. Furthermore, strong social bonds might contribute to an environment where young people are actively discouraged from substance use or are able to easily fight back against addiction."

Dharshini G Murthy, Malaysia

"Micro and macro environments are codependent on each other that can influence the vulnerability of a person therefore it acts as a foundational perspective of social work to utilize their insights to explore times of resiliency where we are able to identify supports and solutions and help support an individual or community the ability to grow."


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