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Global Maritime Crime Programme - consisting of the following projects: XEA/X94, XAM/X74, SOM/X54, SOM/Z15, SOM/Z16, XEA/X20, XEA/X93, XSS/X11, XEA/Z22, GLOX99, GLOZ06, MUS/X55, XAM/T72, XEA/X67

Evaluation Brief (2-page document)

   2015 Mid-term  
Counter Piracy Programme: Combating maritime piracy in the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean. Increasing regional capacities to deter, detain and prosecute pirates (XAMT72, XEAX20, XSSX11, SOMX54, MUSX55, XEAX67)   2013 Mid-term  
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EGY/Z33: Improving the Criminal Justice Response to Violence against Women in Egypt

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

   2019 Final  SDGs 5, 8, 16

MEX/Z93: Fortalecimiento para la Seguridad de Grupos Vulnerables

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary) ; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

   2019 Final  SDG 16

GLO/T63: Support to crime prevention and criminal justice reform

Evaluation Report ; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

   2018  Final SDG 5, 11, 16

MEX/Z56 Fortalecimiento de las estructuras de seguridad y justicia en el Estado de Coahuila de Zaragoza (in Spanish with English Executive Summary)

   2018 Final SDG 16

KEN/Z04 The Police Reform Programme in Kenya

Evaluation Report

Evaluation Brief (2-pager)
   2018  Final SDG 16
XAP/A10: Strengthening and Enhancing the Capacity of Law Enforcement Officials in Combating Child Sex Offenders in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam - (Sub-Programme 4, Regional Programme for Southeast Asia and the Pacific)    2018  Final SDG 16
NGA/V18 Support to the Justice Sector of Nigeria    2017 Final  
KGZ/T90 Criminal Justice Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic    2017 Final  
BRA/X16 Expressive Youth: citizenship, access to justice and of life for young people in vulnerable situations (in Spanish; Executive Summary-English)    2016 Final  
MEX/V27 Strengthening of Rule of Law in the Federal District of Mexico through its Legislative Assembly   2016 Final  
KGZ/T90 Criminal Justice Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic   2015 Mid-term  
1011AY/ROA-204-7B Promoting Rule of Law and Governance in the Criminal Justice System in Liberia   2015 Final  
LBN/T94 Reinforcing Human rights and Democracy in Lebanon - Penal reform focusing Prison reform   2014 Final  
SDN/X06 Assisting the Process of Prison reform in Southern Sudan - phase III   2014 Final  
JOR/T36 EC-UNODC Support to the Juvenile Justice System in Jordan   2014 Final  
PAN/X12 Supporting Prison Reform in the Republic of Panama (Phases I and II) (in Spanish)   2014 Final  
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