Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit

The Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit is a standardized and cross-referenced set of tools designed to enable

United Nations agencies, government officials engaged in criminal justice reform, as well as other organizations and individuals to conduct comprehensive assessments of criminal justice systems; to identify areas of technical assistance; to assist agencies in the design of interventions that integrate United Nations standards and norms on crime prevention and criminal justice; and to assist in training on these issues. The Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit is a practical guide intended for use by those charged with the assessment of criminal justice systems and the implementation of criminal justice reform.

Designed to be a dynamic set of documents that continue to meet assessment needs as they evolve, the Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit will be adapted and enhanced, with an electronic version that will be updated on an ongoing basis. The Tools have been grouped within criminal justice system sectors, with the first four sectors as follows: Policing; Access to Justice; Custodial and Non-Custodial Measures; and Cross-Cutting Issues. The Tools are organized thematically, both to ensure ease of use and to assist the assessor in understanding the key issues confronting the system being assessed. As future needs are identified, additional Tools will be added.

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Introducing the Toolkit

Decision points map in the criminal justice system





Public Safety and Police Service Delivery EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


The Integrity and Accountability of the Police EnglishSpanishRussian, French


Crime Investigation EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


Police Information and Intelligence Systems EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


Forensic services and infrastructure, English


The Courts EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


The Independence, Impartiality and Integrity of the Judiciary EnglishSpanishRussian


The Prosecution Service EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


Legal Defence and Legal Aid EnglishSpanishRussian




The Prison System EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


Detention Prior to Adjudication EnglishSpanishRussian


Alternatives to Incarceration, EnglishRussianFrench


Social Reintegration, English, RussianFrench







Criminal Justice Information EnglishSpanishRussian


Juvenile Justice EnglishSpanishRussian, French


Victims and Witnesses EnglishSpanishRussianFrench


International Cooperation EnglishSpanishRussian



Crime Prevention Assessment Tool EnglishFrenchSpanishPortuguese

Gender in the Criminal Justice System Assessment Tool, English