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The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice 16-20 May 2022

The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) was established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in its resolution 1992/1, as one of its functional commissions, upon the request of General Assembly resolution 46/152. The Commission acts as the principal policymaking body of the United Nations in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. The CCPCJ is the preparatory body to the United Nations Crime Congresses. Declarations adopted by the congresses are transmitted through the CCPCJ and the ECOSOC to the GA for endorsement.

31th CCPCJ Session




16 May 2022 - Within its 2022 edition, the Institutes of the UN Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network (PNI) Workshop gathered experts to examine some of the latest international evidence that is helping to improve criminal justice responses to internet-related crimes against children. Six short presentations showcased research that explores different ways in which online child sexual abuse is being addressed, including an examination of the legal approaches to online child sexual abuse, approaches to investigating online child sexual abuse, and new technology to assist the investigation of such crimes against children.

On this occasion, UNODC was represented by Alexandra Martins, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer, Coordinator of the Global Programme to End Violence Against Children, who intervened on: “The role on the international community in enhancing prevention and response to the abuse and exploitation of children in illegal activities through the use of the internet.”

The presentation highlighted how the abuse and exploitation of children in illegal activities through the use of the internet and information and communications technologies (ICTs) is a serious form of violence against children. Children, in particular girls, are more likely to become victims of cybercrime, including child online sexual abuse and exploitation, trafficking in children by means of the internet and even the recruitment and exploitation of children by organized criminal and armed groups, including those designated as terrorist groups.

During her intervention, Ms. Martins expressed concerns about "the high prevalence of these crimes as the impact is not only on the individual child concerned but also on society at large". She stressed that "the challenges faced by child victims of these crimes and the challenges faced by Member States should be put in perspective with the complexity of the matter, which is not only a crime prevention and a criminal justice matter and, hence, requires concerted and multi-stakeholder efforts."

Ms. Martins referred to the role of the international community in i) promoting research; ii) developing international legal, policy and regulatory frameworks; iii) enhancing coordination mechanisms among Member States; iv) strengthening the capacity of criminal justice systems; and v) promoting a systemic and whole-of-society approaches.

The criminal justice system has an important role in prevention, holding perpetrators accountable and protecting child victims. Nevertheless, strengthening the capacity of the justice system to prevent and respond to these crimes is not enough. It is also essential to take measures to develop the protective environment framework for children and enhance a whole-of-society approach to address efficiently the internet-related violence against children.

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