Global Programme to End Violence Against Children

22 November 2021 - Launch of the UNODC Roadmap in Mozambique

Children are often among the casualties of acts of terrorism and are victims of abduction, trafficking, and sexual and gender-based violence by designated terrorist groups. In recent years, the international community has been increasingly confronted with the recruitment and exploitation of children by terrorist groups. This phenomenon is closely connected to, and overlaps with, the longstanding practice of child recruitment and use by armed groups.  Recruitment and exploitation of children are perpetrated by a variety of groups all over the world, making this a truly global issue. 

To address this issue, UNODC provides technical assistance to the requesting Member States on the treatment of children associated with terrorist and violent extremist groups. UNODC recognises the duty of Member States to protect society, and in particular children, from the threats associated with terrorism and violent extremism, in accordance with international law. UNODC’s work, based on its experience as a technical assistance provider, aimed to advance policy reform in this area through issuance of the UNODC Roadmap on the Treatment of Children Associated with Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups (UNODC Roadmap).

www.UNODC Roadmap EN ; www.UNODC Roadmap PO 

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About STRIVE Juvenile

During the Special Event, the new project STRIVE Juvenile was presented. STRIVE Juvenile: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups is a three-year (2021-2024), EUR 5.5 million initiative by the European Union and UNODC. The project aims to partner with the selected countries, the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Iraq and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for the development and implementation of comprehensive national responses to prevent and counter violent extremism affecting children, in full respect of human rights, gender equality and international law...  STRIVE Juvenile factsheet

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