The Science of Motivation

What is Motivation?

Motivation, often driven by curiosity, is what drives us forward in life. It stimulates us to learn and improve and to set and attain goals. Emotionally intelligent people are often intrinsically motivated by the task itself to achieve inner goals rather than external rewards such as money, praise or, avoiding punishment (extrinsic motivation).

Why Motivation Matters

  • Self-motivation improves self-esteem, enables social relationships, and is a core component to leading a well-adjusted, happy life. The absence of motivation can contribute to unhappiness and risky behaviors such as substance use.
  • Motivation drives creativity and the possibility of growing competencies. It is essential in goal-setting and managing our behavior and fundamental in academic and professional achievements.
  • A world without motivation and curiosity would be a world without progress, development, or hope.
  • Intrinsically motivated people are often more creative, receive more satisfaction, and perform better long-term than solely extrinsically motivated people.

Did You Know? Intrinsic motivation starts with infancy. After that, adults support or suppress this motivation depending on their parental approach.

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“Motivation is an essential part of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).”

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