The Book Challenge

As the group enters Skilltown’s school, Listenup is suddenly gripped with fear. She sees all the books smiling in the library – and feels like they are laughing at her. Overwhelmed by all the words in the books, she feels scared. But Smellup “smells” her worries, Lookup “sees” her fears, and Handy “soothes” her. The group - and the kind Librarian - help her readers to support her dream of becoming an astronaut. And at night, she reads with her Grandmother about the grandness of space, knowing she too can achieve her dreams.


Helpful Handy – Her frailty and strength are her hands that grow enormously and help herself and others overcome physical or emotional obstacles.

Loyal Lookup – His big eyes give him the ability to see not only things far away – such as thunderstorms – but into the hearts of his friends.

Likable Listenup – Her big ears actually give her the ability to 'Listen First' and hear dangers and feelings from far away.

Sensitive Smellup – His big unique nose can smell anything – from smoke and fires far away to his friends' fears and what is healthy to eat back home.

and Featuring

The Librarian, Grandmother, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Decision Making, Relationship Skills, Overcoming your Fears, Setting Goals, Planning, Dreaming, Hope – and Real Children Worldwide.

Filmed in Skilltown 3D – the magical place where anything can happen and every young person can learn what really matters!

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Made possible with the generous support of France.