Call for Participation

Participation of non-governmental stakeholders in Constructive Dialogues for the UNTOC Review Mechanism

The first Constructive Dialogues for the Review Mechanism of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) and the Protocols thereto will take place on 6 May, 27 May and 1 July 2022 in Vienna, Austria, as outlined below.  

The Procedures and rules for the functioning of the Mechanism for the Review of the Implementation of UNTOC and the Protocols thereto, which the Conference of the Parties to UNTOC adopted through Resolution 9/1, set out in paragraph 53 that constructive dialogues with relevant stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, should be convened as a regular practice following the conclusion of the sessions of the working groups and the adoption of the reports. Other relevant stakeholders, including representatives of the private sector and academia, may also apply to participate.  

Important note

Due to new developments which might influence the schedule of the Constructive Dialogues on 27 May 2022 and 1 July 2022, we would like to ask interested stakeholders to stay tuned until further notice. For questions or inquiries please contact

Key dates and deadlines 

  • Constructive Dialogue on Firearms: 6 May 2022 and Constructive Dialogue on International Cooperation and Technical Assistance: 27 May 2022.

  • Constructive Dialogue on Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons: 1 July 2022. Register here until 8 May 2022 midnight Vienna time.


Interested non-governmental stakeholders (irrespective of ECOSOC status) are welcome to apply by filling out the respective online application form above.  

Stakeholders may apply to participate in more than one constructive dialogue. All applications will be reviewed and be subject to approval by the Extended Bureau.  

Priorities will be given to applicants with proven expertise on the topic of the respective Working Group and from countries in group 1 and group 2 of UNTOC review process. Maximum efforts will be made to ensure diversity of gender and geographical representation.  

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Objectives of the Constructive Dialogue:  

  • Briefing participants on the development and outcomes of the review process. 

  • Collecting inputs and suggestions from participants, including their contributions on ways to improve the implementation of the Convention and the Protocols thereto.  

  • Cooperating with non-governmental organizations to combat transnational organized crime and to promote and review the implementation of this Convention, in accordance with article 32, paragraph 3 (c), of the Convention. 


The Constructive Dialogues will be held in English language and in a hybrid format at the Vienna International Centre. In-person participation will be limited in accordance with COVID-19 measures in place at the time of the meetings and all participants will be required to comply with those measures. An online platform will be provided for other participants to join virtually. Information on COVID-19 measures in Austria, including vaccination and testing requirements, is available here in 17 different languages, including English. 

In view of the size of the available meeting room and distancing requirements which might still be in place in May/June/July 2022, the number of in-person participants per organization might have to be limited to one person. For this reason, in case an organization plans to nominate more than one participant, it should be specified who would join in-person, when submitting the application form. Other participants from the organization could join online.  

Important information about constructive dialogues 

The constructive dialogues will be conducted by the Chair of the respective working group, assisted by the Secretariat. No specific country situation shall be mentioned during the constructive dialogues except by the country under review, which may voluntarily raise matters related solely to its own review. Furthermore, the constructive dialogue is open to States parties and signatories, non-signatories, entities and intergovernmental organizations. A written summary of the discussions will be prepared by the Chair of the Working Group and be made available to the Working Group at its next session. 

Funding for grassroots and victim-led / victim centred organizations 

As regards to the in-person participation, UNODC has limited resources to support the participation of grassroots organizations and victim-led / victim-focused organizations which will be considered on a merit basis. Should your organization require support to participate, please complete the section on ‘travel support’ included in the registration form.