Volume C is the most extensive of the Treatnet training materials, it consists of three modules, containing the key concepts of pharmacological treatment and the management of special populations. Module 1 is designed to give a basic understanding of drug dependence and addiction and to introduce the most commonly used drugs, explain the mechanisms of their action and their impact on human brain and health. Module 2 focuses specifically on opioids, providing evidence-based options and protocols for the pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence both with agonists and antagonists. Module 3 familiarises with special considerations and threats for women and young people who misuse drugs, as well as gives an overview of various co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders.


All powerpoint presentations are password protected.


Module 1: Dependence Basics

Workshop 1: Drug use, addiction and dependence

Workshop 2: Management of Alcohol & benzodiazepine dependence

Workshop 3: Psychostimulants

Workshop 4: Volatile substances, cannabis and new psychoactive substances


Module 2: Basics of Opioid Dependence. Pharmacotherapy Options

Workshop 1: Opioids: Definition, effects and treatment implications

Workshop 2: Opioid dependence treatment with Methadone

Workshop 3: Opioid dependence treatment with Buprenorphine

Workshop 4: Opioid antagonist treatment


Module 3: Special Populations: Co-Occurring Disorders, Women and Young People

Workshop 1: Co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders

Workshop 2: Women: substance use disorders and treatment issues

Workshop 3: Young people: substance use disorders and treatment issues


Trainer's Toolkit:

1. Trainee Satisfaction Survey

2. Pre/post-assessment test Module 1

3. Pre/post-assessment test Module 2

4. Pre/post-assessment test Module 3

5. Handout Workshop 2: Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale

6. Handout Workshop 2: Subjective Opiate Withdrawal Scale

7. Trainer's Toolkit



Elements of Drug Dependence Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Basics of Addiction, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Care Coordination

for participants

for trainers


Elements of Psychological Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Pharmacological Treatment for Drug Use Disorders

Drug Treatment for Special Populations

for participants


Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services

for participants

for trainers


Therapeutic Community: An approach to drug treatment

for participants

for trainers