Volume A is designed to familiarise professionals providing drug treatment services with two essential tools: Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) for screening in primary care, and Addiction Severity Index (ASI) for assessment of severity of substance use related problems.

Introductory module briefly explains what substance use disorders are, gives an overview of most commonly misused substances and of their impact on human health, as well as presents the key concepts and public health approaches to harmful substance use. This module consists of one workshop which may also be used independently or as an introductory session to other volumes.

Module 1 is is designed to familiarise staff working in drug treatment facilities with the ASSIST, that teach how to identify individuals with substance use disorders and how to conduct a brief intervention.

Module 2 is aimed at clinical staff in treatment facilities, and teaches how to conduct a comprehensive intake assessment and collect clinical information necessary for treatment planning with the help of ASI.

Finally, Module 3 adds a practical component and is designed to enhance skills, which are required to develop comprehensive treatment plans.


Introductory module: Basics of Addiction


Module 1: Screening and Brief Intervention Using ASSIST

Workshop 1: Rationale for screening and brief intervention

Workshop 2: ASSIST screening basics

Workshop 3: ASSIST brief intervention basics

Workshop 4: Planning and implementation of ASSIST


Module 2: Addiction Severity Index

Workshop 1: Interviewing instructions and coding

Workshop 2: Employment section. Drug and alcohol

Workshop 3: Legal and family sections

Workshop 4: Psychiatric section, review and competency measures


Module 3: Treatment Planning M.A.T.R.S.

Workshop 1: Assessment tools in treatment planning

Workshop 2: Prioritising problems

Workshop 3: Putting treatment planning M.A.T.R.S. into practice



Elements of Drug Dependence Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Basics of Addiction, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Care Coordination

for trainers


Elements of Psychological Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Pharmacological Treatment for Drug Use Disorders

Drug Treatment for Special Populations

for participants

for trainers


Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services

for participants

for trainers


Therapeutic Community: An approach to drug treatment

for participants

for trainers