Basic Volume for trainers - Elements of Drug Dependence Treatment


Basic Volume of the Treatnet training package was created to help people, directly or indirectly involved in work with those who suffer from substance use disorders, get a general idea about key aspects, processes and principles of drug dependence treatment. It covers the basic aspects of a wide range of topics to give an overall perspective of what drug use disorders are, how to treat them and how the treatment process should be organised. Information in this volume is presented as a summary of volumes A, B and C.

Module 1 gives an overview of the key principles of drug treatment, briefly explains the biological mechanisms behind drug dependence and addiction, and introduces main concepts and existing guidelines for the treatment of drug use disorders. Module 2 introduces some of the key aspects of psychological component of the treatment process, as well as introduces the basics of counselling and motivational interviewing. Module 3 familiarises with basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and shortly introduces available options for pharmacological component of drug dependence treatment.


All powerpoint presentations and pre/post-assessment tests are password protected.


Module 1: Drug dependence concept and principles of drug treatment

Workshop 1: Biology of drug dependence

Workshop 2: Addiction and the brain

Workshop 3: Principles of drug dependence treatment and care


Module 2: Motivating clients for treatment and addressing resistance

Workshop 1: Basic counselling skills for drug dependence treatment

Workshop 2: Special considerations when involving families in drug dependence treatment

Workshop 3: Principles of motivational interviewing


Module 3: Principles of CBT and relapse prevention strategies

Workshop 1: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Workshop 2: Basics of pharmacological treatment


Trainer's Toolkit:

1. Trainee Satisfaction Survey

2. Pre/post-assessment test Module 1 (password-protected)

3. Pre/post-assessment test Module 2 (password-protected)

4. Pre/post-assessment test Module 3 (password-protected)

5. Handout Module 2 Workshop 1: Change Plan Worksheet

6. Handout Module 2 Workshop 3: Stages of Change Worksheet

7. Handout Module 3 Workshop 1: Functional Analysis Form

8. Trainer's Toolkit


Elements of
Drug Dependence

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Volume A

Basics of Addiction, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning & Care Coordination

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Volume B

Elements of

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Volume C

Treatment for
Drug Use Disorders

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Volume D

Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services

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Volume E

Therapeutic Community:
An approach
to drug treatment

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Volume F


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