Volume D is there to help drug treatment service providers plan and organise the work of their centres in an efficient manner. Focusing on operational management, this volume introduces the basics of clinical management, specifically tailored to fit the needs of drug treatment centres. Volume D discloses the basics of clinical management in an easy to comprehend manner and is complemented with numerous interactive activities.  

The Introductory session briefly explains what substance use disorders are, points out the basic principles and components of drug dependence treatment and emphasises the importance of a comprehensive approach. Module 1 highlights essential steps in the planning process: from identifying vision, mission and values, and up to general aspects of strategy and financial planning. Module 2 focuses on practical aspects of operational management and covers various workforce related topics, including leadership, organisational change, partnership and recovery in a treatment service environment and other. Module 3 familiarises participants with essentials of clinical governance and evaluation, explains programme evaluation for quality improvement and provides tips on effective advocacy planning and implementation.


All powerpoint presentations and pre/post-assessment tests are password protected.


Introductory module


Module 1: Setting, direction and planning

Workshop 1: Vision, mission and values

Workshop 2: Policy and strategy

Workshop 3: Business and financial planning


Module 2: Operational management

Workshop 1: Leadership, teamwork and organisational change

Workshop 2: Workforce

Workshop 3: Services, partnership and recovery


Module 3: Governance and evaluation

Workshop 1: Clinical and quality governance

Workshop 2: Programme evaluation for quality improvement

Workshop 3: Advocacy


Trainer's Toolkit:

1. Trainee Satisfaction Survey

2. Pre/post-assessment test Module 1 (password-protected)

3. Pre/post-assessment test Module 2 (password-protected)

4. Pre/post-assessment test Module 3 (password-protected)

5. Handout Module 1 Workshop 1: Shared Values

6. Handout Module 1 Workshop 2: International Drug Policies

7. Handout Module 1 Workshop 3: Business Case Worksheet

8. Handout Module 2 Workshop 1: Leadership styles table

9. Handout Module 2 Workshop 1: Overcoming resistance - Case studies

10. Handout Module 2 Workshop 1: Self-assessment

11. Handout Module 3 Workshop 1: Audit Activity

12. Handout Module 3 Workshop 1: Pillars of Clinical Governance

13. Trainer's Toolkit



Elements of Drug Dependence Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Basics of Addiction, Screening, Assessment, Treatment Planning and Care Coordination

for participants

for trainers


Elements of Psychological Treatment

for participants

for trainers


Pharmacological Treatment for Drug Use Disorders

Drug Treatment for Special Populations

for participants

for trainers


Management of Drug Dependence Treatment Services

for participants


Therapeutic Community: An approach to drug treatment

for participants

for trainers