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What people are saying

Giovanna Campello
Chief UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section

Parents more than ever need proven strategies, based on science, to support how they raise their children. As people are forced to work from home, and as COVID-19 contributes to increased stress, more than ever we need to focus on the needs of the children.”

Andrés Finguerut
Chief, Drug Prevention and Health Branch (DHB), UNODC

“I see that supporting science-based substance use prevention with a focus on developing the skills of young people works. I hope that Listen First continues to be seen as a platform to disseminate the science of prevention and to focus on the needs of the most precious resource around the world – children.”


Dr Nora Volkow
Director National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health (NIDA)

“The involvement of parents is crucial, but also the alertness that some children are at a higher risk. That is why ‘Listen First’ is so relevant because by listening to the child the parents can learn not only what they communicate but also how they communicate it. By listening, we can understand the problems and intervene early on.


Laura D'Arrigo
Diplomatic adviser, Interministerial Mission for Combating Drugs and Addictive Behaviours, Government of France

“'Listen First' marks a change of paradigm in the prevention approach. More than 30 countries and organizations from all continents adhered to the initiative, well beyond our expectations, this means that the simple message of Listen First hits right."


Matej Košir
UTRIP Slovenia

The Listen First campaign nicely summarizes the main messages from the evidence-based family-focused prevention programmes which we have been implementing in Slovenia for almost ten years.” 


Sanela Talić
UTRIP Slovenia

“Since we cannot be in physical contact with families during COVID-19, we think that supplementing those programmes with pleasant and warm video content is a great solution. It offers us the opportunity to bring to the fore tools or approaches that have a scientific basis and are proven to work. Even in so-called ‘normal’ times.” 


Gilberto Gerra
Director of Prevention, Innovation and Research Unit, Mental Health and Addiction Department, Public Health System, Parma, Italy (Former Chief, UNODC Prevention Branch and founder of ‘Listen First’)

“‘Listen First’ is a playful and fun way to disseminate science-based prevention that targets adults widely. The materials help adults to see the importance of establishing an intensive interpersonal relationship with children, giving them their undivided time with consideration for the child's dignity, creativity, and view of the future. Being able to listen to the dreams of children and adolescents could be a real new attitude and change of mentality in education.”


Maria Melchior
Senior Researcher, Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health at INSERM and Sorbonne University in Paris

“I think ‘Listen First’ is great. Prevention of substance use is key. It is much more cost-effective, and it prevents a lot of suffering. It's also very difficult for many countries to implement, so this is how ‘Listen First’ can help”


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