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This section offers all resources for the evaluation-process, covering norms and standards, evaluation policy, guidance for Project Managers as well as the evaluation handbook. 


This section includes the UNODC Evaluation Handbook, detailing the evaluation-process as well as a practical guide ... more

  This section includes all UNODC norms, tools, templates, guidelines, etc. for the whole evaluation-process. ...more

This section includes guidance for Project and Programme Managers relating to the evaluation-process in UNODC. ... more

  This section guides through every step of the evaluation-process. ...more

 This section provides the full UNODC Evaluation Policy. ...more   This section provides information of the role of evaluation in different stages of the project/programme cycle. ...more
This section offers more information and guidance materials on the innovative evaluation management application. ...more    

You may also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


In case you are interested in working for IES as evaluator, you may refer to " Work with us"

You may also refer to " What is evaluation?" for further information

  Please refer to " Why do we evaluate" for information on the the vital role of evaluation.


Flowcharts of the evaluation process

Flowchart of an Independent Project Evaluation  

Flowchart of an In-depth Evaluation  

Evaluation Brief template Independent Project Evaluation ( Plantilla de síntesis de evaluación)

Evaluation Brief template In-depth Evaluation

  UNODC Evaluation Handbook  

"Evaluation Handbook - Guidance for designing, conducting and using independent evaluation at UNODC"


Full evaluation Handbook

Chapters 1-3 (overall context for evaluation) here

Chapters 4-6 (guide for project/programme manager and evaluators) here

Chapter 7 (practical guide to carry out a high quality evaluation) here