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UNODC hosts webinars on ensuring the continuity and sustainability of HIV services for people who use drugs and people in prison during the COVID-19 pandemic

May 2020 - Vienna - To address the challenges of providing HIV services to people who use drugs amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, UNODC, jointly with WHO and UNAIDS, is organizing a series of webinars for decision makers and stakeholders [Read more]


UNODC OGCCR and Ministry of Interior, UAE host national workshop on “Prevention, treatment and care of infections, including HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and COVID-19, in prison”

6 April 2020 - United Arab Emirates - In response to the rapid global spread of COVID-19, UNODC Office for the Gulf Cooperation Council Region (OGCCR) and the Drug Prevention and Health Branch (DHB) hosted a three-day national workshop on measures to prevent and control the spread of infections, including HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and COVID-19, in prison. [Read more]


UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 63rd Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

2-6 March 2020  Vienna, Austria – The UNODC HIV/AIDS Section co-organized several events to highlight the current situation of and response to HIV among people who use drugs and people in prison [Read more]


News and Events

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 UNODC is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Christian Kroll, former Global Coordinator for HIV/AIDS

 UNODC Regional Training for law enforcement executives of the Republic of Belarus

 UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 28th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)


 UNODC supports HIV health-care services in Namibia's prisons




 UNODC at the 22nd International AIDS Conference 23-27 July 2018 in Amsterdam


 Expert Group Meeting on the Development of the Technical Guide to ensure access to measures for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission   (PMTCT) of HIV in prisons


 UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 27th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)


 Prevention, treatment, care and support for people who use stimulant drugs


 The urgent need for harm reduction funding: Scaling up evidence-based interventions for people who use drugs




 UNODC HIV/AIDS Expert Group Meeting on the Draft Technical Guide to Ensure Continuity of HIV Services in Prisons


 UNODC supporting countries to address hepatitis C among people who inject drugs in the community and in prisons


 UNODC HIV/AIDS Section at the 26th Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)


 Harm Reduction International Conference 2017 - UNODC 'At the Heart of the Response'


 UNODC and INPUD launch of the manual on Implementing Comprehensive HIV and HCV Programmes with People Who Inject Drugs: Practical Guidance   for Collaborative Interventions (the "IDUIT")


 "Harm Reduction in the New Environment" Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region Harm Reduction Conference 2017 




 Addressing hepatitis B in Afghanistan Women Prisons


 A Call for Action on HIV and Health in Prison Settings


 Law Enforcement Officials Trained on Engagement With People Who Use Drugs


 HIV in Prisons: Public Health and Human Rights Approach Covered at Crime Commission


 Namibia Launches Prison Health Policy


 Vietnam Hosts Bangladesh OST Study Tour


 Penitentiary no. 3 in Tiraspol renovated providing access to safe dental care services


 Critical role of science in the development of balanced, health-oriented drug policy covered at UNGASS 2016


 UNODC trains Ukraine OST service providers


 Alternatives to imprisonment from a health perspective


 Second Scientific Statement Science addressing Drugs and HIV: State of the Art, launched


 Kazakhstan Ministry of Health and Social Development, UNODC, Award Five Journalists




 Biological waste management: Innovation in Moldovan prisons


 UNODC marks World AIDS Day 


 Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs adopts HIV Action Plan


 Heads of drug control agencies attend Dakar UNODC regional dialogue


 Vietnam opens the first Methadone Maintenance Therapy Service Unit for People in Prison


 Global Goals Matter for People Who Use Drugs and People in Prison


 Countries Discuss HIV and Drug Policy in Delhi