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Brussels, Belgium
26-27 SEPT 2019
1st EU-UNODC project steering committee meeting held in Brussels, Belgium  
Vienna, Austria
20-22 MAY 2019
Global Community of Practice: Peer to Peer exchange
20 MAY 2019
EU-UNODC Cooperation: Preventing and Addressing Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling


20-23 JAN 2020
GLO.ACT engages criminal justice actors in the development of a capacity building strategy to prevent and address human trafficking and migrant smuggling
19-23 JAN 2020
GLO.ACT Bangladesh continues to engage key stakeholders in support of project implementation
27 NOV 2019
UNODC holds national consultations and roundtable events in support of GLO.ACT project implementation in Bangladesh
 6 NOV 2019
GLO.ACT participates in regional consultation on human trafficking and migrant smuggling



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