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A safer Internet at every level is one of the goals of UNODC's work in countering cybercrime. The Education for Justice (E4J) initiative and its commitment to children's education has inspired new partnerships with dedicated organizations to further raise awareness of online risk, and to encourage affirmative reinforcement of children's own roles in ensuring their protection. The earlier children are educated about the benefits and challenges of the Internet, the readier they will be to tackle problems they may face.

Instead of focusing on negative perceptions of the internet, ISPA's (Internet Service Providers Austria) The Online Zoo picture book (translated into several UN languages with support of the E4J initiative) encourages children with positive messages about how to deal with the different challenges they face online.


Main messages of The Online Zoo


The Internet can be used in a positive way to

stay in touch    
learn about the world    
call for help    
play games    

But there are also challenges, especially for younger internet users.

Here are some tips to be safe

  • Concentrate on the people around you and do not look at your phone all the time.
  • Mean things about you on the internet are not true, you shouldn't believe them.
  • It's not ok to say mean things about others on the internet.
  • Be careful when chatting with someone on the internet. People can easily pretend to be someone else.
  • If someone is extra nice and promises you gifts, be careful, it could be a trick.
  • If strangers ask for personal information, stop chatting with them and talk to your parents about it.
  • Be careful if there are buttons in online games that promise you gifts. Nothing is for free, you must pay for ordering things.
  • Photos of yourself in swimsuit are very personal, you shouldn't send them to others on the internet.
  • Always ask for help if you feel unsafe or something doesn't feel right.

Meet the animals at the Online Zoo

teaser video

Monkey Maurice
Panda Paul



The Online Zoo book for download


Parental guide to The Online Zoo book

The guide is available in German only.

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