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Student assessment


Any one of the following questions can be assigned to students as a topic for a short essay:

  • What constitutes an abusive disciplinary method? What can be done to prevent abuse disciplinary practices in the home, at school, in sports, in various institutions for children?
  • How can the social tolerance of various forms of violence against children be effectively challenged?
  • What does the principle of the best interests of the child involve when dealing with child victims of violence?
  • What progress is being made in this country to introduce child-sensitive practices for dealing with children victims or witnesses of crime?
  • Is impunity still a problem in this country when it comes to responding to violence perpetrated against children by law enforcement and justice officials? How would you suggest that this problem be addressed?

Examination Questions

  • What are the main effects of abuse and neglect on a child's health?
  • What are the main obligations of States with respect to the prevention of violence against children?
  • What measures can be taken to facilitate the reporting of violence against children?
  • Identify the protection measures that may be made available to child victims and witnesses before, during and after the trial.
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