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Possible class structure


The Module is divided into three key parts, to be delivered over three contact hours. The following structure is recommended:

  • Introduction, including pre-class exercise ( Exercises 1 or 2), or invited guest speaker ( Exercise 3) [up to 20 minutes].
  • Lecture: Topic 1   - Introducing the aims of punishment, imprisonment and concept of prison reform [25 minutes].
  • Exercise 4 (quiz on the history of prison reform) or Exercise 5 as a link to Topic 2 of the Module (key questions focusing on the profile of the national prison population) [up to 15 minutes].
  • Break [10 minutes].
  • Lecture: Topic 2 - Current trends, key challenges and human rights [30 minutes].
  • Exercise 6 (role play on the topic 'living in prison') or Exercise 7 (focusing on 'working in prison') [up to 20 minutes].
  • Break [10 minutes].
  • Lecture: Topic 3   - Towards humane prisons and alternative sanctions [25 minutes].  
  • Exercise 8 (class debate on the abolition of imprisonment) [20 minutes].
  • Conclusion: Module summary and explanation of the post-class assignment [5 minutes].
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