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Possible class structure


This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class. The lecturer may wish to disregard or shorten some of the segments below to give more time to other elements, including introduction, icebreakers, conclusion or short breaks.

Divide the class into two parts of 90 minutes each.

Part One

  • Module Introduction; The Criminal Justice System and Legal Justice; Exercise 1 [20 minutes]
  • Meeting Justice Needs, Exercise 2 [20 minutes]
  • What is Restorative Justice? Lecture on Conceptual Framework [20 minutes]
  • Safeguards and International Framework Relating to Restorative Justice [15-20 minutes]
  • Activity: Invite Criminal Justice Professional and/or Restorative Justice Practitioner for discussion [15 minutes]

Part Two

  • Findings from Research and Evaluation - Participant Satisfaction and Impact on Recidivism [20 minutes]
  • Overview of Restorative Justice Processes and Country Examples [30 minutes]
  • The Use of Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System, Application in Situations of Serious Crime and of Gender-Based Violence [20 minutes]
  • Findings on Cost Effectiveness; Issues in Implementing Restorative Justice [20 minutes]
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