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Additional teaching tools


This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides, video material and case studies, that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. Lecturers can adapt the slides and other resources to their needs.

PowerPoint presentation

  • Presentation on Module 6 (forthcoming)

Video material

  • Corruption Prevention Videos (2019). Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (8 min). » ACLEI has developed this series of short videos (each video is approximately 90 seconds in duration) to promote awareness and improve understanding of the corruption vulnerabilities we observe in the course of our investigations.
  • The Tech That Powers Bitcoin Could Tackle Corruption (2017). Vice News; HBO (3 min). » This video discusses how the blockchain technology could be used as an anti-corruption tool.
  • Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin (2018). Valerie Hetherington, TEDxDeerfield (14 min). » In this TED Talk, Valerie Hetherington explains how the blockchain technology works and explores its possible applications, including as a tool to increase transparency and prevent corruption.
  • Detecting Fraud with Data Mining (2015). Jeremy Clopton, Audimiation Services (53 min). » This webinar discusses how companies can use data mining to detect fraud. It presents case studies on how organizations can apply data analytics methods.
  • Meet Rosie, the A.I. Bot helping to detect corruption in Brazil (2017). France 24 (2 min). » This video presents how artificial intelligence software is used to detect corruption in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
  • How whistle-blowers shape history (2018). Kelly Richmond Pope, TEDxDePaulUniversity (12 min). » In this TED Talk, Kelly Richmond Pope shares the stories of some of the most high-profile whistle-blowers in history.
  • War on Whistleblowers (2017). Brave New Films (1h 8 min). » This movie presents the stories of four whistle-blowers, including Edward Snowden and David Carr, who have exposed government wrongdoing and abuse to the media. It discusses the challenges that whistle-blowers face in many countries.
  • The Importance of Whistleblowing (2016). Robert G. Vaughn, The Real News Network (18 min). » Prof. Robert G. Vaughn from American University Washington College of Law talks about the importance of whistle-blower protection laws from different perspectives.

Case studies, news reports and blogs


Other materials

  • KickBack: The Global Anti-Corruption Podcast: This podcast features regular interviews with leading experts in the anti-corruption field, from academia, politics, activism, journalism, etc. The podcast aims to enhance serious debate and discussion about important issues in the field from a variety of different perspectives. Given the length of each episode (average: 45 min), the lecturer may use it as a pre-class assignment.
  • Observatory of Public Sector Innovation: A mapping by OECD of notable open government initiatives around the world, where users can screen for 'Open Government Tags' such as "accountability", "anti-corruption", "open data", "integrity", etc.
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