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This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides and video material that could help the lecturer teach the issues and material covered by the Module. The slides and other resources can be adapted by lecturers.

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PowerPoint Presentation for Module 9


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Legal Resources

Feminist Legal Judgements

This project, hosted by The University of Kent, and Durham University, in the United Kingdom, comprises the rewriting of legal judgments from a gender sensitive and/or feminist point of view, to illustrate that discrimination on the grounds of gender is not intrinsic to the writing of legal judgments, or the deciding of legal cases. Lecturers may choose to encourage students to browse the cases, (and the feminist commentaries) in the category of Criminal Law and Evidence. Key issues that emerge here are: the gendered differences in the application of the defence of provocation, an issue touched on Topic 1 of this Module; and the contentious instances in which sexual history evidence is admitted (an issue that is explored in further detail in Module 10 on Violence against Women and Girls of the E4J University Module Series on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice).

European Court of Human Rights Cases: Compilation on gender related issues in the criminal justice sector including on


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