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Guidelines to develop a stand-alone course


This Module provides an outline for a three-hour class, but there is potential to develop its topics further into a stand-alone course. The scope and structure of such a course will be determined by the specific needs of each context, but a possible structure is presented here as a suggestion.




Introduction to public sector corruption


Understanding the causes of public sector corruption


Infiltration of public sector agencies by organized crime to further corrupt objectives


Corruption in public procurement


Corruption in health care


Corruption in environmental protection


Corruption in transport administration


Corruption in the legal system


Corruption in natural resource management


Corruption in education


Corruption in defence planning and acquisition


Corruption in border administration


Whistle-blowing - challenges of implementation and organizational morale


Legal and legislative responses to public sector corruption


Leadership responses to public sector corruption


Blockchain: its potential in improving public administration and reducing corruption in the public sector


The role of e-government in reducing public sector corruption

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