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Advanced reading


The following readings are recommended for students interested in exploring the topics of this Module in more detail, and for lecturers teaching the Module:

  • Deign, John (2002). An Introduction to Ethics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.   » An easy to read introduction to ethics.
  • Kung, Hans (1991). Global Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic. London: SCM.  » The efforts of a Christian theologian to articulate a universal ethic based on responsibility.
  • MacIntyre, Alasdair (1989). A Short History of Ethics. London: Routledge.  » A good short history of ethics from within the Western tradition.
  • Rosenthal, Joel H. and Christian Barry, eds. (2009). Ethics and International Affairs: A Reader. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press.  » A series of essays by scholars from the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs treating different moral dilemmas such as poverty, war, and the environment.
  • Sterba, James P., ed. (1998). Ethics: The Big Questions. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.  » An easy to read introduction to ethics that focuses on questions students have.
  • Arat, Zehra F. Kabaskal (2006). "Forging a global culture of human rights: origins and prospects of the international bill of rights." Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 416-437.  » A philosophical reflection on the cultural power of human rights.
  • Del Valle, Fernando Berdion and Kathryn Sikkink (2017). "(Re)Discovering duties: individual responsibilities in the age of rights." Minnesota Journal of International Law, vol. 26, Nos. 1-2, pp. 189-245.  » An important article on the idea of responsibility and how it relates to values.
  • Buergenthal, Thomas (1997). "The normative and institutional evolution of international human rights." Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 703-723.  » A historical study of human rights.
  • Lauren, Paul Gordon (2003). The Evolution of International Human Rights: Visions Seen. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.  » A historical and conceptual study of human rights.
  • Maritain, Jacques (2007). "The grounds for an international declaration of human rights." In Micheline R. Ishay, ed. The Human Rights Reader: Major Political Essays, Speeches, and Documents from Ancient Times to the Present. New York and London: Routledge.  » A short article by the editor of the UNESCO volume with a focus on the shared origins of human rights.
  • Morsink, Johannes (1999). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting, and Intent. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.  » A detailed study of the drafting and acceptance of the UDHR.
  • Waltz, Susan (2004). "Universal human rights: the contribution of Muslim states." Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 26, No. 4, pp. 799-844.  » An interesting study of how Muslim states, such as Saudi Arabia, played an important role in the UDHR.
  • Waltz, Susan (2001). "Universalizing human rights: the role of small states in the construction of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 44-72.  » A focus on the role of small states in the formation of the UDHR.
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