Secondary Education

Crime, justice and the rule of law are part of our lives and affect us on a daily basis. People, and especially youth, are ever more concerned about these issues and, in response, E4J has set out to generate educational resources on these issues at the secondary education level. The resources are developed for teachers to educate on and for students (aged 13-18) to better understand some of the key issues surrounding crime, justice and the rule of law in our societies.

The E4J resources have been created by UNODC and a variety of partners, ranging from governments to academic and non-governmental organizations, as well as in partnership with UNESCO , and involving above all the ultimate target audience: teachers and students. They cater for different learning needs and contexts and include games (electronic and non-electronic), videos, in-classroom tools for teachers, as well as resources on Model United Nations to teach about crime, justice and the rule of law.

Model United Nations

E4J developed a Resource Guide to support Model United Nations (MUN) conference organizers to incorporate issues from UNODC mandate areas into their conferences.


E4J is working with non-profit organizations to develop game-based learning materials for the secondary education level.

Handbooks for Teachers

E4J, jointly with UNESCO, developed two handbooks, respectively for primary and secondary school teachers, to support their efforts in educating on the rule of law.