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Game-based Learning is a proven tool to bring effectiveness to the educational process. As a part of E4J's goal to make education for the rule of law more accessible to everyone, our team took on a journey of developing online educational games (aka serious games) to reach youth in the most engaging and scalable way. We worked with game designers and developers, teachers and educators, crime prevention and rule of law experts, in order to bring the best possible experience to secondary level students in their first trip through the different E4J mandate areas. In order to reach a wider audience, our games are cross-platform (mobile-based for Android and iOS and web based for internet browsers), multilingual, and come with supplementary materials for teachers and students like session plans, guidelines documents and tutorials.

Zorbs Reloaded


Zorbs Reloaded is a city-building strategy game. The players are tasked to rebuild a destroyed planet called Zorb, while preserving core values like integrity, fairness and acceptance. After many years of improper use of the available resources and by not respecting basic values, the planet’s inhabitants end up destroying their planet. Four of them, however, survive by upholding certain values and flee the planet, ending up on Earth. The game story starts when the four friends decide it’s time to go back home and rebuild their planet.

The story about the Zorbs has been developed by E4J to teach primary level students about rule of law and crime prevention related values and skills. More about the adventures of the four friends on Earth can be found in the Fun Corner.

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The name 'Disonante' is a reference to cognitive dissonance, which occurs when people face complex choices about what is right or wrong.

The player assumes the role of one of the protagonists and explores the world through his/her perspective. The character finds him/herself in a series of scenarios which require decisions about how the story should continue, earning points in the process. Just as in real life, all decisions have consequences and ultimately lead to various outcomes. The interactive nature of the game allows the player to experiment with multiple courses of action leading to 15 possible endings of the story.

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