Tertiary Education

Through the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has co-created and jointly developed a series of peer-reviewed university modules and other tools with academics to assist them in teaching on some of today's most crucial threats. Specifically, E4J aims to support tertiary level educators and academics in their efforts to transmit knowledge and create a deeper understanding of rule of law related issues, with a focus on the subject areas of crime prevention and criminal justice, anti-corruption, organized crime, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants, firearms, cybercrime, wildlife crime, counter-terrorism as well as integrity and ethics. More than 600 academics and national experts from more than 550 universities and 114 countries contributed to the development of the university module series and participated in related activities. Since its inception, E4J has brought together more than 1,700 lecturers to support them in their efforts to teach on SDG 16 and rule of law related topics. In addition, several partners actively support E4J in the dissemination and translation of modules in various languages in order to make them accessible to a diverse and global audience.

The university modules are designed for use as either stand-alone teaching resources, or as a means of enhancing existing courses in criminology, law, political science, international relations, sociology, and many other disciplines. A “pick and choose” approach allows for lecturers to seamlessly fit them into current syllabi. Alternatively, lectures can use the “create your own course” feature and combine modules form different thematic areas to suit their needs.

Open source and available for free, we invite academics to use the E4J materials, provide us with feedback and link up to our E4J network to find out how the UN and academia can work together closer. Let's join forces in shaping tomorrow's leaders and empowering the next generation to tackle the most pressing global challenges posed by crime and help to achieve SDG 16, more just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

Terms of Use and Disclaimers for University Modules

Create Your Own Course

This feature allows lecturers to assemble their own course by choosing and combining elements from various E4J university modules, in full or in part, covering different topic areas in line with their needs.

Global Podcast Series

E4J’s Global Podcast Series “Voices of Academia” brings together leading “voices” from academic institutions around the world to explore the important role of higher education in promoting the SDGs and shaping policy discussion on issues affecting us all. 

Grants Programmes

Acknowledging the important role academia has in fostering sustainable development, E4J actively supports higher education institutions wanting to become hubs for rule of law & SDG 16 teaching as well as young scholars who do research on topics related to SDG 16.

Events, calls and stories

Here you can find information on past and upcoming events, calls, opportunities and webstories related to the various topic areas of the E4J university modules series.