Human trafficking


Enredados is a game that challenges its players (aged 13-18) to come up with stories to illustrate the different realities of human trafficking. It is played in two parts:

  • During Part I, players create the stories using the cards and dice to select characters, plot and conclusion. In this part, players may also select additional elements to the stories through extra cards. The story is then told to the different players in the game who, then, should identify the defining elements of human trafficking within the story.
  • In Part II, the original story is built upon by drawing additional cards related to protection factors and reactions to being trafficked. This way, players can reflect on the different elements that can lead to positive or negative outcomes in the stories, as well as prevent human trafficking.

The game is adaptable to various contexts and scenarios and draws upon individual players' knowledge and experiences to create the different human trafficking stories.


This game is currently available in Spanish only - English language version coming soon!


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