To promote the teaching of values such as acceptance, fairness, integrity and respect at the primary level, UNODC in the framework of E4J created a number of tools:

The Zorbs series of animated videos and comic books tells the story of an imaginary planet and its inhabitants who overcome a range of challenges thanks to various core values and skills as promoted under E4J. The series has been designed as a fun yet informative educational tool and covers issues related to justice, cybercrime, human rights, gender and integrity.

The Zorbs series is complemented by an online interactive Comic Creator tool that encourages children to build meaningful stories in an engaging and creative way. In addition, E4J developed a children’s book, colouring books and lesson plans for teachers based on The Zorbs and their adventures. The range of learning resources available through E4J supports educators worldwide in teaching on issues related to the rule of law and a culture of lawfulness.

You can find all The Zorbs resources in the Fun Corner, a space targeted specifically to children to “watch, create, play and read”.

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