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Guidelines to develop a stand-alone course


This Module provides an outline for a three-hour course. It has the potential, however, to be developed into a stand-alone course. The information in each section and sub-section could easily be developed and expanded, and further debated and discussed by students. The structure could be determined by local interests and needs, but a possible structure is presented below.



Brief description

Week 1


  • Introduction of Module themes and assessment methodology.
  • Exercise 2: Power Walk
  • Explore student familiarity with gender in the criminal justice system.
  • Exercise 1: Brainstorming on gender-based discrimination in the criminal justice system.
  • Go through the definition of essential concepts and deliver Exercise 3: Gender terminology board game

Week 2

Topic 1: Understanding offences committed by women 

  • Lecture: The need for a 'gender lens': discriminatory laws and violence against women as a pathway for offending
  • Present Case study 1: Reforming the defence of provocation
  • Group discussion on case study
  • Exercise 4: Roundtable discussion on patriarchy, social norms
  • Exercise 5: Review of national laws

Week 3

Topic 1: Access to justice obstacles facing women offenders - initial contact, investigation and trial stages

  • Lecture: Challenges encountered by women offenders in initial contact, investigation, trial stages
  • Lecture: Perceptions and attitudes of criminal justice practitioners
  • Invite a representative from Bar Association, who has experience on defending women suspects and can present examples of gender-based discrimination and other forms of violations encountered in police investigations and trial stages
  • Group discussion with the Bar Association representative

Week 4

Topic 1: Women and Imprisonment - Key Issues and Challenges

Week 5

Topic 1: Women and Imprisonment - Specific Groups of Women Prisoners who are at higher risk of vulnerability

Week 6

Topic 2: Girls in Conflict with the Law 

  • Lecture on the vulnerabilities of girls in conflict with the law
  • Present and analyse Case study 5: Kainat's ordeal
  • Present and analyse Case study 6: 'AS' running from home
  • Invite a guest speaker - such as a social worker specialized in assisting girls in conflict with the law throughout investigation and trial stages.
  • Group discussion following guest speaker presentation 

Week 7

Topic 3: Discrimination and violence against individuals that identify as, or are perceived to be, LGBTI

  • Lecture: Discriminatory laws and practices
  • Lecture: LGBTI people in contact with the criminal justice system - particular risks and challenges
  • Present and analyse Case study 7: Tasty Nightclub Raid
  • Show UNFE Video Material
  • Lecture: Development of International Standards
  • Exercise 8: Transgender persons in prison; and/or
  • Exercise 9: BYOS - Build your own scenario, developing scenarios relating to vulnerable groups in contact with the criminal justice system.

Week 8

Topic 4: Gender Diversity in the Criminal Justice Workforce

  • Lecture: Gender Diversity in Police and Courts
  • Exercise 10: Designing Gender Diversity Assessment - National Police of (Country X) and the Judiciary
  • Group discussion on gender diversity in criminal justice workforce in the country - debate potential challenges

Week 9

Course wrap-up



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