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This Module addresses the participation of civil society - including individual citizens, civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media - in the fight against corruption. It explores issues of political participation, channels for reporting corruption, investigative journalism, freedom of the press in connection with anti-corruption efforts, online activities, social media, information technology, and the rise of citizen journalism. The Module suggests that greater transparency, accountability, and citizen monitoring, engagement and involvement can contribute to reducing and preventing corruption. By focusing on the role of citizens, CSOs and the media, the Module sheds light on a number of ways through which social accountability can be enhanced. The exercises provide examples of "trendsetters" and "game changers", i.e. key activists and media persons who drive anti‐corruption actions, as well as "ordinary individuals" working against corruption. This adds an important hands-on element to the Module, rendering it relatable to students at various education levels. Stories of people working against corruption help students to grasp the importance of the subject matter. The Module builds on the discussions of media integrity and ethics found in Module 10 of the E4J University Module Series on Integrity and Ethics. It also relates to many of the discussions in other modules of the E4J University Module Series on Anti-Corruption.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of citizen participation in the fight against corruption, on both the personal level and through civil society organizations
  • Develop a stronger sense of responsibility to actively engage in the fight against corruption
  • Identify tools and opportunities for active citizen engagement in fighting corruption, including through information and communications technology (ICT) and social media
  • Critically examine the role and responsibility of the media (including social media) and civil society organizations in the fight against corruption
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