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Possible class structure


This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class. The lecturer may wish to disregard or shorten some of the segments below to give more time to other elements, including introduction, icebreakers, conclusion or short breaks. The structure could also be adapted for shorter or longer classes, given that the class durations vary across countries.


Hour One - Introduction

  • Pre-class activity (time varies): Assign students to watch the NATO video on the impact of firearms on society and attempts to prevent their misuse and mishandling (6 minutes, 24 seconds) NATO: Small Arms are Real Weapons of Mass Destruction? Students should be prepared to give a brief report on it and a list of questions it generated. In addition, select a news source that can reveal incidents involving firearms/SALW.
  • (In-class) Ice-breaker (10-15 minutes): In small groups, students give a short brief on a video that they viewed and the questions about the role of weapons in violence it raised for them. List the questions on the board or Google doc.
  • Lecture (45-50 minutes): Give a lecture about the context of the firearms issue based on the Module.Hand out a list of the basic negative consequences associated with firearms. Have students select a reading from the list of core readings.

Hour Two - Consequences of the illicit use of firearms

  • Pre-class activity (time varies): Have each student select a consequence or negative effect associated with firearms/SALW and find an example in their own community or country. Be prepared to discuss at the beginning of the second hour.
  • (In-class) Ice-breaker (10-15 minutes): In small groups, students give a short brief on the consequence/negative effect they studied.
  • Lecture (45-50 minutes): Give a lecture about the negative consequences based on the Module narrative.

Hour Three - Approaches to addressing armed violence

  • In-class Exercise (5-10 minutes): Ask students to consider whether firearms "cause" the specific consequences covered in the Module.
  • Lecture (20 minutes): Outline the approaches to addressing armed violence as outlined in the Module narrative.
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