Primary education

Values and social skills are not learned overnight. Therefore, it is essential that children acquire the "building blocks" and general knowledge about rule of law topics at an early stage. Addressing these issues in children's initial educational development provides them with the basic knowledge and skills to both understand and react when they are confronted with corruption, violence and other forms of crime in their lives. The Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if future generations are committed to the ethical and fair standards to which both the public and private sectors should be held accountable for. Through such an early-learning approach, the attitudes towards crime, violence and corruption can gradually be challenged and changed.

In support of this aim, E4J focuses on promoting and teaching values such as acceptance, integrity, respect and fairness at the primary level (6-12 years old). E4J's educational materials will contribute to building resilience among children. Moreover, these tools will help to equip them with skills such as conflict resolution, critical thinking, teamwork and empathy. These values and skills are crucial in reducing the tolerance and acceptance of crime and violence as well as assisting children in solving ethical dilemmas.

The ongoing work under E4J not only ensures that children and youth are equipped with valuable knowledge and skills, but it also strives to integrate and mainstream a gender-perspective in all its activities and resources.

E4J's educational materials will also provide support in education relating to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goals 4, 5, 10 and 16. Some products and activities for the primary level have been developed in partnership with UNESCO. Other educational materials have been developed by UNODC with the involvement and consultation of educators, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and, most importantly, with children.

Fun Corner

Here you find educational tools and materials developed by E4J and other relevant stakeholders for children aged 6 to 12 years. It is a space for kids to watch educational videos, create comic strips and play educational games.

Primary-level Library of Resources

E4J has launched an online library of resources featuring age-appropriate educational materials on rule of law issues for policymakers, teachers, parents and students. Search the Library

E4J Tools & Lesson Plans

Resources for policymakers, teachers, parents and students that have been developed with a wide array of stakeholders, including international organizations, teachers, psychologists, civil society organizations and most importantly children.