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Possible class structure


This section contains recommendations for a teaching sequence and timing intended to achieve learning outcomes through a three-hour class. The lecturer may wish to disregard or shorten some of the segments below to give more time to other elements, including introduction, icebreakers, conclusion or short breaks.

  • Introduction & Exercise 1 [20 minutes]
  • Lecture: The role of police, need for accountability and oversight, key oversight mechanisms [50 minutes]
  • Break
  • Exercise 3: Group discussion - Scenario on the reform of police complaints system - [50 minutes]
  • Lecture: Cross cutting and contemporary issues in police accountability (recommendation: maximum two out of four issues) [35 minutes]
  • Exercise 6: on Gender or Exercise 7 on Profiling [25 minutes]
  • Conclusion: Wrap up of the class & explanation of the post-class assignment [5 minutes]

[Total: 185 mins]

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