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Additional teaching tools


This section includes links to relevant teaching aides such as PowerPoint slides, video material and case studies, that could help the lecturer teach the issues covered by the Module. Lecturers can adapt the slides and other resources to their needs.

PowerPoint presentation


Video materials

  • International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Principles  » The ICRC has developed a number of advanced IHL learning series videos, see in particular:
    • Series 1 - IHL and humanitarian principles
    • Series 2 - Use of explosive weapons in populated areas
    • Series 3 - Recent developments in the interplay between IHL and IHRL
  • Interplay between the conduct of hostilities and law enforcement paradigms  » This webinar discussed the conclusions set forward in an Expert Meeting Report* on the distinction between the conduct of hostilities and law enforcement paradigms.
* Gaggioli, Gloria, ed. (2013). The Use of Force in Armed Conflicts: Interplay between the Conduct of Hostilities and Law Enforcement Paradigms . Expert Meeting, Report. Geneva: ICRC.


International Humanitarian Law


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

The ICRC has a number of very helpful resources which explore current topical, and often also complex and controversial, issues, both generally and in relation to IHL and terrorism specifically. See, e.g.:

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